Acne Fact VS Fiction On Location
Acne Fact VS Fiction

You can never trust what you see on the internet. Whether it is a blog post or an article, you need to check facts. The same is true with acne. There are thousands of acne articles over the internet and sometimes these articles are not that accurate. To help you weed out facts from fiction, here are some list of acne fictions that you need to watch out for.

Poor Hygiene is the Number One Cause of Acne

The main cause of acne is not known. However, there are several factors that can trigger the formation of acne. Some say that poor hygiene can make you breakout, but the fact is, poor hygiene has little to do with the formation of acne. The thing is, dirt and sweat will not cause your pores to get clogged. Your body is designed in a way that it can eliminate these impurities from your pores with the help of your sebaceous glands. Your sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum that pushes out these impurities out of your pores. The increased in dead skin cells and oxidation is the reason why your pores gets clogged.

There is a Cure for Acne

Acne is a cycle and you can either outgrow the condition or control it. You cannot cure acne. The factors that leads to the formation of acne will always be present. Thus, you cannot cure it completely. Acne will come back. It can be due to hormonal fluctuations, increased cellular death on your skin and other external factors that you cannot control.

Frequent Skin Cleansing can Make your Acne Heal Faster

Skin cleansing is important when treating acne. It helps loosen dead skin cells that will allow you to dig deeper into your pores and kill the acne causing bacteria. However, it is not advised that you wash your face frequently. You need to do this twice a day, no more no less. This is due to the fact that soaps and cleansers can strip off the natural lipid barrier of your skin. It makes your skin dry and prone to acne. It also triggers the production of oil in your sebaceous glands. Frequent skin cleansing will not make your acne heal faster. On the contrary, it can make your acne worse.

These are just some of the common misconceptions about acne. Keep in mind that the internet do not always provide the best information. Do your own research.